Deutsche Bank Belgium – Invest in Your Life 2016

Deutsche Bank needed a communications campaign to strengthen its image in the Belgian market as the leading bank for investors. We created a new brand platform “Invest in your life”, which positioned the bank beyond a bank that just helps your pot of money grow, but rather the best bank to help you realize your projects in life. After all, research shows that for mass affluent investors money isn’t a goal in and of itself, but rather a means to achieve their goals.

To bring the campaign to life and promote Deutsche Bank’s as more than a financial expert but a bank of great advisors, we used the power of sequential storytelling on social media with a social-by-design campaign: “Where others see the numbers, we see life.” We crafted dozens of stories based on interests, passions and important life moments around numbers significant to mass affluent Belgians. We shared and activated a story dramatizing the emotions and thoughts of a person turning 45 to others about to turn 45. We delivered another story of a wine lover, who turned his passion for wine into a business, in the Facebook feeds of a wine-loving target audience. Those who engaged with the content were re-targeted with messaging about Deutsche Bank’s services.

This approach also inspired the offline media strategy. We placed interest-inspired print executions in relevant magazines. Real-time ad performance inspired other channels, with the most popular stories being adapted for TV and OOH to achieve the highest possible affinity with a broad audience.

Our advertising work is complemented by regular public relations efforts and industry influencer outreach to raise awareness about DB products and competence.