Philips Global – Philips OneBlade 2016

Philips OneBlade is a truly innovative product from Philips – launched in 2016. It’s an electric shaver, trimmer, styler in one for a very low price point of around €40.

We launched the product in 4 countries – USA, France, Germany, UK – through a social-only campaign.

As this is a new product Philips wasn’t entirely sure who its target audience was. As such we started the campaign with an advocacy phase targeting millennials, inviting them to subscribe to trial the product.

Next, we launched a teaser phase targeting look-a-likes of these subscribers. Look-a-likes is a very effective targeting option where Facebook finds the 1% to 10% of total Facebook users in a market who look like people in your database. As Facebook can compare users on hundreds of data-points they are very effective in finding look-a-likes.

The teaser phase was followed by a reveal phase which was largely about product demonstration.

We tested over 256 executions in these 2 first phases. The best performing ones were leveraged in the last phase of the campaign – the acceleration phase – in which we put more budget behind the campaign targeting look-a-likes, not of advocates but of our first buyers. This is also the phase in which TV advertising and digital display was activated.

The social campaign drove record sales for Philips OneBlade, generating over 6mio clicks and 500K leads at a CPL of €6. Research further showed that per direct sale attributed to social, social generated 1 extra sale online that couldn’t directly be attributed to social. The campaign also increased brand awareness by 18%. The campaign is now being rolled-out to 18 more markets around the world.