Philips Global – Beauty Explorers 2016

Philips offers women the next generation of beauty tools across hair, body and face care. Nevertheless, as a brand in a very crowded and savvy beauty industry, Philips has very little credentials.

Philips believes that beauty is a wonderful energy that exists inside every woman. It evolves and grows – alive and ever-changing. As such, beauty is a journey; a journey of self-discovery and experimentation, for every single one of us.

To bring Philips promise “Discover your beauty. Every day.” to life, we developed a unique campaign in collaboration with Michaela Noroc, a photographer who gained world renown through her project “The Atlas of Beauty”, photographing women and their natural beauty in all corners of the world.

Together with Michaela we hit the streets of Berlin to find women, each on her own unique beauty journey.

The content series – amplified in social media to beauty savvy women in the UK and Germany – started with Michaela’s point of view. We re-engaged viewers of this content with one of our beauty explorers’ stories that was most relevant to them: women interested in sports were targeted with Daniele’s story – older women get served Gritt’s story in their newsfeed – expats were engaged with Wafaa’s story about how she found beauty in freedom – and the segment of our target audience passionate about dance, health & wellness saw Jessica’s story first. Viewers of this content were once again re-engaged with 2 other Beauty Explorers’ stories. All content drove to the Philips Beauty website.

We generated 7mio views at €0,018 CPV. Our videos had a 31% view-through rate, 250% higher than the industry benchmark for social videos. The campaign resulted in +8% ad recall and +7% brand lift on the core target audience.