Nespresso Global – Coffee Expertise Canvases 2017

Nespresso is a victim of its own success. With interest in an at-home barista experience increasing, the company faces increased competition from Nespresso compatible capsules.

While these capsules look similar, the coffee inside is not produced the Nespresso way.

It was clear Nespresso needed to tell the story about its coffee expertise; what makes a Nespresso capsule a Nespresso capsule.

We decided to use the newly released, fully immersive mobile format, Facebook Canvas. Using a combination of video, images, tilt-to-view panoramic images, text and call-to-action buttons, we created a campaign of five dynamic canvases that allowed us to share brand stories as rich as the Nespresso blends themselves.

Our canvases got a 2,5% engagement rate with the average user spending 45sec with the execution. The campaign created a 8% increase in ad recall, a 7% increase in brand favourability and 6% increase on the brand metric ‘Nespresso offers superior quality coffee’.

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