Coca-Cola Belgium – The Uber-Truck 2016

Coca-Cola wanted to re-connect with teens and young adults by making Christmas time more special for them. For years, the Christmas magic has started with the legendary Coca-Cola commercials featuring the iconic truck bringing happiness all over the country. How could we give this tradition a twist, more appropriate for our connected generation?

After 5 years of absence, we brought back the iconic Coca-Cola truck to Belgium, but in a unique way… by turning it into a personal messenger. Through a groundbreaking collaboration with Uber, consumers could order the Coca-Cola truck to deliver their personal Christmas message to a person of their choice. The message was featured on a big LED screen on the side of the truck.

To promote the activity and reach teens and young adults effectively, we leveraged Paid, Owned and Earned media including targeted amplification of a series of engaging content in Facebook and Instagram, across all Uber and Coca-Cola owned channels, and in Snapchat where one could follow the truck tour live from Santa’s point of view and discover the wonderful reactions from those who were at the receiving end of the personal messages.