American Express Global – Family Travel 2016

American Express wanted to inspire parents to travel with their children by reminding them of how wonderful travel can seem through a child’s imagination.  While parents are often world-weary with the efforts of travel, children still find it literally ‘wonderful’.  From their very own airplane seat, to the fun of travelling in a different car or exploring a hotel room, children take much more from the experience of travelling than you’d think. We developed a video for social media that brought this child experience to life.

Using the equally ‘wonderful’ power of Facebook targeting, we identified the key audience that would relate to the video and used it as an engaging lead-in to more communication around Amex’s key Family Travel benefits. Audiences who engaged with the hero video were retargeted with a carousel that continued the story-telling and brought the wonderment to other Amex benefits (hotel and rental cars).

The end goal was to drive Card member prospects to find out more on our Family Travel microsite and encourage existing Card members to book their next family holiday with American Express.