SOCIAL IS THE NEW BLACK – Editorial 29/06/2021

Here’s our latest round-up of news on social media for public affairs and communication professionals in Brussels and beyond:

Expert Interview – Iain Bundred, Head of Public Policy UK and Ireland at YouTube
Short. Smart. Sharp. Social. 

Social is the New Black is launching our new video interview series. Featuring public affairs and communication professionals at the cutting edge of our field, our fun and engaging interviews will give you new insight, inspiration, and intelligence.  

For our very first installment, we have the privilege of hearing from our former Ogilvy colleague Iain Bundred, Head of Public Policy at YouTube UK and Ireland. From his most treasured communication technique to his favourite campaign – the NHS’ Let’s Not Go Back to encourage young people to get the jab, Iain tells you all!  

Are you in? 
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🇪🇺  The EU bubble takes a stand in the UEFA/Hungary discrimination controversy
With EURO-related conversations culminating on June 22nd (pre-game) and June 23rd (day of the Germany vs. Hungary game), the EU bubble clearly switched focus from generic football conversations to the Hungarian new bill and UEFA decision not to display the rainbow lights in Munich, the tournament becoming a stage for the LGBTQI+ topic.

Following the “Journalists” segment of the bubble, the “European Parliament” group was the most active, with many MEPs from different countries and political affiliations expressing their thoughts. 
Despite some voices supporting Hungary, most people rallied to condemn Orban and UEFA’s decisions. 

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WPP Leader’s Report 2021

WPP has published The Leader’s Report for 2021 on what government communicators can learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report finds that the pandemic has exacerbated the existing trends in government communication, including: enhanced polarization of opinions, shift to digital, changing concepts of civic responsibility, and transformation in media consumption. The pandemic has also created new challenges for government communicators: from the fracturing of society and increase in nationalism to growing cynicism about systematic discrimination and efficiency of government. To overcome these challenges, the WPP report emphasizes that we need: 1) to foster trust between citizens and the state, and 2) clear communication as a way to deliver policy. Read more about how to achieve these two goals in the post-pandemic world here.

European Commission’s #NextGenEU Campaign Goes Live! 

More than a recovery plan, the European Commission says NextGenerationEU is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to emerge stronger from the pandemic, transform our economies, create opportunities and jobs, for the Europe where we want to live. As President Ursula von der Leyen begins her tour of European capitals, the Commission has gone live with a hopeful and optimistic message to citizens: #MakeitReal: NextGenEU

Spotify Launches its own Live Audio App

After acquiring sports-focused audio app Locker Room earlier this year to jumpstart their own Clubhouse competitor, Spotify launched Spotify Greenroom today. The app allows Spotify users worldwide to join or host rooms, with the option to turn their conversations into podcasts. A Creator Fund is coming soon to promote content production on the app. The plan is for Greenroom to build on Spotify’s own personalization technology to connect users to relevant content they’ll find interesting. Two differentiators worth noting: The app includes live chat capabilities, a feature that can be turned on or off by the host of a room. And last but not least: Spotify is recording all sessions for moderation purposes, trying to combat the type of abuse Clubhouse users experienced. Oh, and you won’t need an invite, just sign in with your Spotify login after downloading the app.  (Techcrunch)

Twitter May Be Close To Launching Super Follows, As New Research Shows What It Could Look Like

The Super Follows program will be limited to Twitter users with at least 10,000 followers, who have posted at least 25 tweets within the past 30 days, and are at least 18 years old. As Twitter has referenced, one of the main features of Super Follows will be bonus content, such as exclusive tweets for Super Followers. (The Verge)

Facebook Tests Public Comments Display on Facebook Stories

Facebook appears to be testing a feature that will allow users to publicly comment on people’s stories – adding a whole new way to interact with the Stories content. This new feature could help to solidify community connections and change the framing of the Stories. The date this functionality will be available is unknown. (Social Media Today) 

Leading Social Media Platforms Unite to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Drive 

World’s biggest social media platforms, including Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok and Youtube, are collaborating to support the UK government’s vaccination campaign to encourage young people to get the jab. This joint effort spans from Q&A on Snapchat with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to Reddit’s live AMA session with medical experts, to TikTok’s NHS vaccine stickers and of course, YouTube’s “Let’s Not Go Back” video series.  (UK Gov)

TikTok Adds Brand Lift Study Option To Help Advertisers Glean More Insight Into Campaign Performance 

Tiktok has announced that it will help brands glean more insights into the performance of marketing campaigns by adding a new Brand Lift Study feature, which will enable marketers to poll its audience through promoted posts. Tiktok says that users will be asked to answer one of four questions posed by advertisers to give more insights into the recall, favourability and engagement with posts. Similar options are available on Twitter and Facebook.  (Social Media Today)